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Are there altercations between the members in the family….. ?

Is the harmony at home disrupted for trivial issues…… ?

Does the place feel claustrophobic and dark…..?

Are there any health issues for which you don’t seem to have an answer….?

Have you thought about the benefits and remedies of vastu shastra ?

Vaastu shastra is the scientific study on architecture based on ancient Indian wisdom. A brief study and understanding on how the energies in our environment can affect us personally is an asset .

Through vaastu shastra and tips for homes the consultants enlighten you with the basic knowledge of how the surroundings influence us.

Based on personal visits or studying of the blueprint layout of your homes the consultants suggest what are the remedies that can be used and what practical changes are possible in the current living space. The energies of each room are different based on the specific directions and the consultants in Chennai put forward their views to make amends that can bring about a more harmonious environment.

As a thumb rule ,for example, one never sleeps with the head on the northern side…this is based on the earths magnetic field. A simple change in the sleeping posture can bring about significant visible changes.

Small practical tips are shared and exchanged during the vaastu courses to upgrade the peace and happiness in your abodes.

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