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Ruan Zhi Oolong
Ruan Zhi oolong

Ruan Zhi (軟枝), literally "soft stem" is a variety of oolong tea developed by the Taiwan Tea Experiment Station (TTES). Other common titles are Bai Lu and TTES #17. The tea is similar to Qing Xin (青心), literally "green heart", and therefor often mistaken for it. The taste is light and is often referred to orchids. This tea variety is used to produce famous highland Oloong teas such as Dong Ding, Oriental Beauty, Pouchong and Ruan Zhi.

Growing areas


  • Wuyishan
  • Anxi


  • Alishan at 1200m
  • Zhushan at 600m
  • Baguashan
  • Wenshan
  • Shanlinxi


Tea garden in Doi Mae Salong
Tea garden in Doi Mae Salong
  • Doi Mae Salon, Provinz Chiang Rai at 1400m. Thailands finest oolong teas are grown here.
  • Doi Angkhang bis 1400m. The tea garden is part of the Royal Projects "Angkhang Royal Agricultural Station".
  • Doi Inthanon at 1200m
  • Doi Tung at 1000m
  • Doi Wawee at 1400
  • Chiang Dao at 800m


  • Bao Loc Mountain

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