Shui Hsien tea

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Template:Unreferenced Template:Needhanzi Template:Infobox Tea Template:Tea map china province Shui Hsien (Template:Zh) meaning narcissus or water sprite is an Oolong tea from Mount Wuyi, it has a heavy honey fragrance. Cheaper varieties are grown elsewhere in Fujian and have a burnt taste and are very popular with Chinese restaurants. The infused color is very dark brown showing that the tea is a very dark Oolong. This tea is also grown in Taiwan.


Lao Cong Shui Hsien 
A Shui Hsien made from old bushes that may be as old as 200 years. The taste and appearance will signify it as an even darker Oolong.

Aged Shui Hsien 
A Shui Hsien that may have been aged for a few decades and rebaked.