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Taiwanese tea

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Oolong is harvested five times per year in Taiwan, between April and December. The July and August crops generally receive the highest grades.
== Dongding Dong Ding ==
This tea[[Dong Ding]], most notably grown in the mountains of Nantou County, was brought to Taiwan during the 19th century from the mainland's Wuyi Mountains. Its special qualities have been attributed to an almost continuous fog. Teas harvested in the spring are entered in a competition and the winners are quickly bespoken at premium prices, fetching US $2,000 for a 600-gram package during the 1990s. It undergoes less fermentation than most oolongs. A 40-minute roasting over charcoal contributes to its flavor, which also has "nutty, caramel, and chestnut" elements.
== Pouchong ==

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