Dan Cong

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Rou Gui tea
Rou Gui Oolong
You Hua Xiang tea
You Hua Xiang

Dan Cong () are special types of Oolong from Fenghuang shan (Phoenix mountains) in Guandong province, China. The Phoenix mountains are elevated from 350 - 1560 meters above sea level. Niaoji shan (1560m) is the highest mountain while in Wudong shan (1391m) the main Dancong production is located . Dancong literally translated means "single bush". This varieties are known to mimic different flavors.

Dang Cong varieties

Yu Lan Xiang ()
Magnolia fragrance
Xing Ren Xiang ()
Almond fragrance
Zhi Lan Xiang ()
Orchid fragrance
Po Tou Xiang ()
Ginger blossom fragrance
Huang Zhi Xiang ()
Orange blossom fragrance
You Hua Xiang ()
Pomelo blossom fragrance
Mi Lan Xiang ()
Honey-Orchide fragrance
Rou Gui Xiang (桂桂)
Cinnamon fragrance
Gui Hua Xiang ()
Osmanthus fragrance
Ye Lai Xiang ()
Tuberose Fragrance
Mo Li Xiang ()
Jasmine Fragrance

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