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#REDIRECT [[Tie Luo Han]]
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  Tea_name                = Tieluohan, 铁罗汉 |
  Tea_type                = [[Oolong tea|Oolong]] |
  Tea_color                = Wuyi |
  Tea_image                = No picture available |
  Tea_origin              = [[Mount Wuyi]], [[Fujian| Fujian Province]], [[China]] |
  Tea_names                = Iron Arhat, 鉄羅漢|
  Tea_quick                = Light Wuyi Tea.
{{Tea map china province | Tea_province=Fujian}}
'''Tieluohan''' (Chinese: 铁罗汉) is a [[Si Da Ming Cong tea|Si Da Ming Cong]] and a light Wuyi tea. Tie Luo Han, all but unknown abroad, is the cultivar responsible for one of the four most famous yan cha, the great "rock teas" grown on cliffs in the Wuyi Shan area of Northern Fujian. Legend tells that this tea was created by a powerful warrior monk with golden-bronze skin, hence the name Tie Luo Han, which means "Iron Warrior Monk".
The color of the leaf is very green and the resulting tea is of a lighter color. The taste of the tea should be full-bodied and supple, with gentle floral notes and the traditional long-lasting finish.
==See also==
* [[Si Da Ming Cong tea|Si Da Ming Cong]]
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