Xiao Longzhu

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Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Xiao Longzhu is better known as Dragon Pearls, Jasmine Pearls or Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls is especially popular with beginners because it looks nice and the infusion has a pleasant aroma.

It is sometimes wrongly assumed that Xiao Longzhu is a white tea. This is due to the white buds which stands out from the bright green of the tea leaves. The buds are whiter than a white tea like Baihao Yinzhen since the latter is slightly oxidized.


Although scenting tea with jasmine blossoms has been practiced in Fujian for hundreds of years is the idea of rolling ​​leaf shoots into beads relatively new. The production of flavored tea shifted due to the high demand from the city of Fuzhou in Fujian to the district Hengxian in the southern province of Guangxi because more jasmine can be harvested due to the warmer climate. Simultaneously also tea itself was planted to save transport of the latter.


Xiao Longzhu from Guangxi is in many ways cheaper than Xiao Longzhu from Fujian. But the better quality is still produced in Fujian. New crop of Xiao Longzhu shouldn't be purchased too early because jasmine are the most fragrant in July or August. Early produced Xiao Longzhu comes usually from Guangxi because due the warmer climate jasmine blooms there already in May. [1]

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