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Jasmine Dragon Pearls
Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Jasmine tea is a tea which is scented with jasmine flowers. Originally, only green tea was used to scent with jasmine flowers. However, nowadays white, black and oolong tea is scented with jasmine too. The jasmine flavor is added either by blending the blossoms with the tea or by steaming tea in jasmine flavor. The jasmine blossoms are removed by hand as soon the jasmine flavor is absorbed by the tea. High quality jasmine tea is blended up to seven times with fresh jasmine blossoms.

Blending tea with flowers was originally used to upgrade lower quality teas. Today, jasmine tea is considered a tea specialty. However, there are different quality levels produced and sold. The decisive factor for the quality, in addition to the selection of tea and jasmine blossoms, is the number of blending of the tea with jasmine blossoms.


Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Dokumentary: Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea Steeped in Gaiwan

This jasmine tea is produced particularly thorough. The jasmine flowers are blended several times with the tea and removed by hand after a while. The tea leaves are then rolled into small beads. The quality of Jasmine Dragon Pearls can be assessed among others by the number of white buds. A brighter infusion is also an indicator of good quality.

China Jasmine Chung Hao

China Jasmine Chung Hao is subject to a particularly fine workmanship which reflects in a floral and harmonious taste.

Jasmine Tea Finest Superior Yin Hao

The flavor of this variety is very rich and has a refreshing aroma which fully unfolds in the aftertaste.

Jasmine Tea China

The infusion is yellowish to orange and got a particularly fine and delicate taste.

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