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Mt. Meng Ding, in southwest China and adjacent to the Tibetan plateau is not only famous for it's panda bear population but also as the place where Gan Lu originates. The tea was already 2000 years ago at the Taoist temple "Gan Lu" produced.


Meng Ding Gan Lu is among tea connoisseurs considered as one of the best green teas. The taste is sweet and floral with hints of fruits. Furthermore there is also umami present in the tea. This aroma is due to the special enviroment an Meng Ding (peak of Mt. Meng); the temperatur at 1400m is low and clouds stuck at the elevating moutains of Himalay. Dueof this conditions the tea plants are less exposed to solar radiation and produce less catechins.


Production of Meng Ding Gan Lu is similar to production of the more famous Bi Luo Chun tea; the tea leaves are plücked in spring, roasted in a wok, rolled and dried.

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