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Olive leave tea (source: www.notio.com)

Olive Leaf Tea is a herbal tea which is made from the leaves of the olive tree. Tea from olive leaves is known since ancient times in Greece and the whole Mediterranean region as a healthy and tasty drink. In Crete is this tea known as Frappelia.


The fresh or dried olive leaves are infused with boiling water and left to brew for several minutes. Crushing of the olive leaves helps extract the ingredients and the steeping time can be shortened.


Like olive oil also olive leaves contain oleuropein, phenolic compounds such as hydroxytyrosol and phytochemicals like flavonoids (olivine, rutin, hesperidin, quercetin). The active ingredient oleuropein, which is responsible for the health characteristics of olive oil to a large extent, can be also found in the olive leaves but in much higher concentration.

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