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Four Seasons Oolong
Four Seasons Oolong

Oolong Si Ji Chun, translated "four seasons" is a 1980 developed cultivar from Taiwan. Si Ji Chun is also marketed as "Four Seasons" but has no TTES number as it wasn't breed by the Taiwan Tea Research and Experiment Station. The appellation "Four Seasons" is due to the cultivars ability to produce a even quality during all seasons. Oolong Four Seasons is intensiv fruity in taste and should be infused only for short time as it tends to astringency if steeped too long.

Production areas

Despite the fact that Si Ji Chun was developed in Taiwan it's nowadays grown in many areas.


  • Alishan at 1200m
  • Zhushan at 600m
  • Nantou


Tee garden in Doi Mae Salong
Tea garden in Doi Mae Salong
  • Doi Mae Salong, Provinz Chiang Rai at 1400m. Thailands finest oolong teas are produced here.
  • Doi Tung at 1000m

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