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A tea house located at Nanjing
Yūgao-tei chashitsu in Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa

A tea house or tea room is location where usually tea together with snacks is consumed. Depending on the culture, kind of tea and snacks may vary. In some cultures even coffee is served and tea houses are in those cases more cafe's.

Tea houses in Asia

In China, a tea house (茶館, cháguăn or 茶屋, cháwū) is traditionally a palce where people socialize, and enjoy tea. Especially the Cantonese style tea houses are also famous outside of China for serving dim sum. These tea houses are called chálou (茶樓).

In Japan a traditional tea house is specifically designed for holding Japanese tea ceremonies. This tea houses are called "chashitsu" (茶室) and are designed simple in order not to distract from the tea ceremony.

Tea houses in Europe

In the U.K. a tea room is a small restaurant where beverages and light meals are served. The atmosphere is usually noble and sedate and traditional British tea is served along with snacks. In Scotland teas are usually served with a variety of snacks like scones, pancakes, crumpets and other cakes.

In France, tea houses are called Salon de thé and pastries and cakes are also served.

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