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Teapedia is happy for every link to http://Teapedia.org/en. Following banner and logos are especially for links created. Feel free to use them! For questions or inquiries writte please a mail to Teapedia. We will answer your mailas soon as possible.

Logo Teapedia with text

Here our logo:


<a href="http://teapedia.org/en" target="_blank"><img alt="teapedia.org" src="http://teapedia.org/en/File:Logo_teapedia.png" border="0"></a>

Banner Teapedia with text

Here our banner:


<a href="http://teapedia.org" target="_blank"><img alt="teapedia.org" src="http://teapedia.org/en/File:Teapedia_banner.png" border="0"></a>

QR Code

QR code Teapedia

Here our QR code:


<a href="http://teapedia.org/en" target="_blank"><img alt="teapedia.org/en" src="http://teapedia.org/en/File:Teapedia_qr.png" border="0"></a>