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'''Bai Ji Guan''' (白鸡冠) is a [[Si Da Ming Cong tea|Si Da Ming Cong]] and a very light Wuyi tea. It is named after a [[rooster]] who gave up its life whilst protecting a child.
#REDIRECT [[Bai Ji Guan]]
Legend has it that the name of this tea (White Cockscomb) was given by a monk in memorial of a courageous rooster that sacrificed his life while protecting his baby from an eagle. Touched by the display of courage and love, the monk buried the rooster and from that spot, the Bai Ji Guan tea bush grew.
Unlike most Wuyi teas the leaves of this tea are yellowish rather than green or brown.
==See also==
* [[Si Da Ming Cong tea|Si Da Ming Cong]]
* Babelcarp on [http://babelcarp.org/babelcarp/babelcarp.cgi?phrase=Bai+Ji+Guan Bai Ji Guan].
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