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Kyobancha (京番茶) is a roasted kind of bancha from Kyoto. Kyobancha means "bancha from Kyoto" and is distinguished by it's smoky aroma. This why it's also called iribancha (いり番茶). In contrary to houjicha, which is also roasted, for kyobancha is unrolled respectively unprocessed bancha used. Because unrolled bancha got a larger surface kyobancha gets more toasty flavors and also the smoky taste is more distinctive compared to houjicha. Like other roasted teas kyobancha is low in caffeine and suitable for drinking at nighttime.

Preparation of kyobancha

Because kyobancha leaves are larger then rolled bancha leaves it's recommended to use a large teapot such as dobin. Infusing temperature should be between 90-100°C at 1-2 minutes.

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