Menghai Tea Factory

Dayi 7542

Menghai Tea Factory (勐海茶厂) is the biggest and also most famous producer of puer tea. The company is located in Menghai, Yunnan province, China.


Menghai Tea Factory was founded 1940 with the name Fo Hai Tea Factory (佛海茶厂). The company was renamed in 1953 to Menghai Tea Factory. This name is since then in use.

Together with Kunming Tea Factory was Menghai Tea Factory the first producer of shu (熟) puer. These after demand of puer increased dramatically.

Menghai Tea Factory was 1996 fully privatized and "Dayi" (大益) is used as the brands logo.


Dayi logo

Although Menghai Tea Factory produces all kinds of puer shapes it's mainly known for it's bing. Due to it's popularity by collectors thoes bings often suffer from counterfeiting. This why Menghai Tea Factory introduced 2006 micro printed tickets in order to impede counterfeiting.

Well known bing of Menghai Tea Factory

Sheng: 7432, 7532, 7572, 7582, 7742, 8542, 8582, 8972, 0622

Shu: 7262, 7552, 7562, 7572, 7592, 7632, 7672, 7752, 8562, 8592, 0532, 0562

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