Sen no Rikyu

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Sen no Rikyu, portrait of Hasegawa Tohaku (1539–1610)

Sen no Rikyu was a renowned tea master and had a major influence on the development of Japanese tea ceremony.

Sen no Rikyu, with original name "Yoshiro", was born 1522 in the city of Sakai (today's Osaka). Rikyu, used the Korean family name "Sen" after his grandfather Sen'ami,a Korean immigrant. His first teacher was Kitamuki Dochin, who taught him the traditional style of tea ceremony. Later he learned from Takeno Joo know the new style. Takeo Joo was a man of simple taste, cultivated and disciplined. He influenced Sen no Rikyu significant. According to the suggestion of Takeno Joo, he began to take part in the exercises of Zen at the Daitoku-ji Temple which had a long time a strong relationship to the tea ceremony.

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