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Sencha tea

Sencha (煎茶) is a Japanese green tea witch is distinguished by its fresh taste and the uniform and emerald leaves. It is the most popular tea in Japan accounting for about 80% of the produced teas. Sencha is like most Japanese green teas briefly treated with hot steam in order to prevent the oxidation (kill green) while in China green tea is mostly roasted for a short time at about 280° C. The best and most expensive quality of Sencha is Shincha, the first flush, which is harvested depending on the region between April and May.

Types of Sencha

  • Jô Sencha (上煎茶), superior sencha.
  • Toku Jô Sencha (特上煎茶), extra superior sencha.
  • Hachijuhachiya Sencha (八十八夜), sencha harvested after 88 days (respectively nights) after springs beginn (risshun).
  • Kabuse Sencha or Kabusecha (かぶせ茶), covered sencha. Considered as own type.
  • Asamushi (浅蒸し), light steamed sencha. This tea is steamed only about 30s.
  • Chumushi (中蒸し), middle steamed (30-90s). This is the standard steaming time for sencha.
  • Fukamushi (深蒸し), deep steamed sencha. This sencha is steamed about 1-2 minutes and sold as Fukamushicha.
  • Shincha (新茶) or Ichibancha (一番茶), first picked sencha of the year.

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