Yoshino nikkan bancha

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Yoshino nikkan bancha (吉野日干番茶) (literally: sun dried bancha from Yoshino) is a bancha from Yoshino in Nara prefecture. Yoshino nikkan bancha is, as the name indicates, sun dried after steaming (kill green). Finally, the tea is also roasted to preserve it and to ad toasty flavors . The whole production process is similar to houjicha as it is also roasted. But, for yoshino nikkan bancha is unrolled bancha used in contrast to houjicha.

Preparation of Yoshino nikkan bancha

Yoshino nikkan bancha should be prepared like houjicha at 90–100°C hot water and 2-3 Minutes infusing time. Because of the roasting process is this tea largely free from caffeine and catechines.

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