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#REDIRECT [[Huang Guanyin]]
{{Infobox_Tea |
  Tea_name                = Huang Guan Yin |
  Tea_type                = [[Oolong tea|Oolong]] |
  Tea_color                = Wuyi |
  Tea_image                = [[Image:HGY Oolong_tea_leaf.jpg|215px]]
[[Image:HGY Oolong tea leaf close.jpg|215px]]
  Tea_origin              = [[Mount Wuyi]], [[Fujian|Fujian Province]], [[China]] |
  Tea_names                = Yellow Guan Yin,黃觀音 |
  Tea_quick                = A  new cultivar of [[Mount Wuyi]] Oolong which can be either tightly rolled or in strips
{{Tea map china province | Tea_province=Fujian}}
'''Huang Guan Yin''' is a [[Mount Wuyi|Wuyi]] [[Oolong]] with a creamy taste. It can be either tightly rolled like [[Anxi]] [[Oolong]]s or in strips like conventional [[Mount Wuyi|Wuyi]] [[Oolong]].
* Babelcarp on [http://babelcarp.org/babelcarp/babelcarp.cgi?phrase=huang+guan+yin Huang Guan Yin]
[[Category:Wuyi tea]]
[[Category:Oolong tea]]
[[Category:Chinese tea]]
[[Category:Chinese tea grown in Fujian]]

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