Chun Mee

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Glass with Chun Mee liquor
Chun Mee liquor
Photo of Chun Mee tea
Chun Mee tea

Chun Mee is a popular Chinese green tea. The tea is divided into several grades with numbers. Some examples are: 41022, 4011, 9371, 8147, 9367, 9366, 3008 or 3009. The number 41022 in this case represents the highest quality while number 8147 consists practically only broken leaves.

Chun Mee is not light and sweet like other famous green teas but rather astringent, tart and a bit smoky. The infusion has a pale yellow color. The tea was originally only grown in the Chinese Jiangxi province but nowadays it is also produced in other regions. Chun Mee tea leaves are first steamed and then withered. After withering the leaves are rolled and thereby slightly bent. This typical shape, reminiscent of small eyebrows, gives the tea its name: Chun Mee, English for "precious eyebrow".