Mulberry tea

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Mulberry tree with leaves and fruits

Mulberry tea is a tisane made ​​from the leaves of the white mulberry tree. The white mulberry tree (Latin: Morus Alba) is a deciduous tree native to China. The leaves of the tree are the only staple food of silkworms and therefore important for the global silk production. From the bark of the tree is paper produced in Thailand and Laos. The mulberry tree can grow up to 18 meters high, bears white flowers and red berries. The fruit is sweet, but does not have a distinctive smell. The first three leaves of the white mulberry tree is used for tea. The leaves are immediately after picking roasted to prevent oxidation and gives the tea a sweet, nutty flavor. In Asia, the tea is very appreciated for its health benefits and is also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Mulberry tea is available as a full sheet or broken and oolong style rolled.


Steep the mulberry leaves with hot water for a few minutes and strain then the leaves. Since mulberry tea contains very little catechine the tea can be steeped for a long time without getting bitter.

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